Dances with Wools

Will I be banished if I play with my wool before it's turned to yarn? I couldn't help myself...I....I'm so sorry...I have an addiction.

Hi, My name is Dru, and I have a fiber addiction.

Here's my first bowl...I ran out and got all the stuff to do it and using the techniques from last saturday's wet felting class.

What do you think?


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I love it. Give me an idea of scale - how big is it? Great colors and great shape.


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it's about as big as a two quart mixing bowl.

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There is a reason I avoid felting, spinning, drop spindles, wheels, etc.

The colours remind me of the earth views from space - with a few travel routes in pink!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

WMarksII's picture's that bad here too...the other half is not happy..."WHERE WE GONNA PUT ALL THE WOOL NOW"?

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The bowls looks really nice. I have recently gotten into felting vessels and am loving it. I haven't tried that technique yet; what I have done so far is knitted and then felted. I want to try your technique, too. The shape and colors are especially nice.


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Yeah, up to this point i've always knitted the vessel first, then fulled it. Try this if you get a chance. My form was just a 10" beach ball. Anything with a valve that can be deflated is fair game.

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I've had a go at wet felting before, it was fun and kind of instant which is nice. A friend makes felt hats which are just stunning. Love the colours on your bowl. Would look great as a fruit bowl :)

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love it. i have been thinking about yarn and knitting as art medium and this felting adds a great texture to the kit

we put birds on things

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Love the colors. As far as addictions go, you could be much, much worse off. The knitting addiction I'm surviving in my 50's sure beats the alcohol addiction I addressed in my 20's and my addiction to sex that occupied my 30's...

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Love the colours, and the bowl is so sculptural.