Hi Everyone.

I cannot quite contain my excitement that there is a forum for Men Who Knit! I started knitting a couple of years ago when I saw a call in the Minneapolis paper for volunteers to knit preemie baby caps for Save the Children. Nancy, my companion (we are the original Will & Grace...together 17 years!) went and bought all of the yarn and would cast on for me and we, together, made 75 caps. All of the sudden, I couldn't knit one more cap and I found myself bored with Knitting and Purling, so I bought Knitting for Dummies and started making cables...started on a scarf, then matching fingerless gloves, then beanie caps in every color, then sweaters for my best friends, Pete (Shihtzu) and Vincent (Lab,Boxer mix). Then I decided to make myself a sweater. In two years, I've made 27+ mostly for myself, but also for Nanc, my mother and father and Nanc's manicurist, too (she fell in love with one of my sweaters that Nanc wore to an appt.) I recently discovered Alice Starmore and have completed two of her sweaters and am currently working on Henry VIII from Tudor Roses. BTW, what's up with Starmore? Apparently she detests Americans (I am not so wild aout them myself right now, especially Bush, but I don't want to get started in a political rant). I've spent a small fortune trying to acquire her books on EBAY. A Scottish Collection went for 600+! I didn't win that one, thank Buddha!
I look forward to communicating with all of you! What a pleasure!
I am a piano player/singer. I love to read and workout, watch movies and I don't mind television either, anymore, now that I have discovered the joys of knitting. Nanc is a television addict and also enjoys having my company in the evenings so now that I am knitting, I am content with absolutely mindless programming. It's a wonderful thing! I am HIV+ for 20 years and incredibly healthy...never been sick a day! I am single for the past 4 years having ended a LTR that broke my heart into fragile pieces. I can't say I've sworn off dating, but it sure seems like I have since I haven't gone on a date since Brian and I parted ways. If I had to define my spirituality, I would have to claim a possible affinity for Buddhism (I love yoga), but I find the other "tall tales" to be a little on the "hard to swallow" side of things. I guess that really makes me agnostic with a definate tendency towards athiesm.
I will be sharing pictures of my projects. Thank you all for everything the future holds.
Your new friend,
Michael James


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Wow, what a great introduction, it's great to meet you and welcome to the site! 2 years and 20+ sweaters...I am envious! I have only been knitting for about 5 months and am still working on my first sweater, have finished several scarves and a couple of crochet projects in the meantime, but can't knit nearly as much as I would like to, although I sneak away from the desk from time to time to sit in a parking lot and knit during lunch.

Have you signed up for Ravelry yet? it's another good site that has alot of great features, but this site is awesome to bring the guys together to share ideas and projects, plus it is a closer-knit (Ha, a pun) community. But if you do sign up for Ravelry, look me up there (also ksmarguy) and friend me. I look forward to seeing some of your projects when you get them up. Take care and message me whenever...

Your new friend in Kansas,


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Don't hold back buddy, tell us something about you. (joking).

I went to school for a BFA in fibers/clay at UW River Falls and eventually worked my way toward the Twin Cites (former alum of TCGMC).

Alice Starmore tudor roses collection? ARE YOU MAD? A little sadomasochistic perhaps? My hats off to you, but I think you're mad for tackling that...I'd rather do something easy, like my trigonometry homework in my head while running a marathon.

If you're in MPLS, go for a walk around Lake of the Isles for me...I miss it hugely.


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Hey there ... a fellow Minnesotan!

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Welcome to MWK, and thanks for sharing your story.

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Greetings Michael James and welcome to MWK. I love your story. I grew up in the Twin Cities and visit quite often as I still have lots of nieces and nephews there. I hope you post pics of some of your work. Next time I'm in the area we should get together for coffee and to compare projects. Have a great day.

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Hi, Michael James, and welcome to our fun little community. I have a special fondness for piano entertainers. One of my best friends (who died a year and a half ago at age 44 of HIV+ complications) was a phenomenal piano entertainer who regularly held court at a local gay piano bar here in St. Louis. Many of us guys from the local gay chorus would gather there on Steve's nights to hang around and channel our inner Patsy Cline's!! We'd invent harmonies/arrangements on the fly and just, in general, have a blast. Since Steve's death all that is gone, but what great memories. Nothing like a group of guys blasting out
"Where the Boys Are" in four-part harmony!

So a great welcome to a knitter AND a pianist. Enjoy yourself here.


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Welcome to MWK... It's a great place - encouraging and helpful, friendly and quirky... I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Grace and Peace,