Pod Person?

In Me Talk Pretty One Day, David Sedaris has a chapter called 'The Tapeworm Is In', where he writes about listening to books on tape in Paris and how it made him look kind of like the other creepy men hanging around the park playground. For me it's listening to podcasts on my laptop while working on mitten #2, and the location is not a Paris playground but the Rhode Island Convention Center.

David (not Sedaris, but rather my partner) is here for a trade show to try to pick up some new accounts, but as it would be expensive to get me a badge to accompany him into the exhibit hall, I'm left to my own devices for the afternoon. The convention center thoughtfully provides free wireless access and electrical outlets to plug in laptops, so I'm sitting here catching up on some podcast listening (CBC Radio has some good music ones, both English and French) and seeing what progress I can make with my knitting.

The great thing is that having headphones really helps to shut out the world when (and when you're wearing them, that's what you're usually wanting to do). It also wards the world away. A little while ago, there were some kids from off the street wandering through trying to sell tickets for something, but they completely passed me by. Probably didn't hurt that I had 5 pointy sticks in my hands, either.

David came out to check on me a bit ago and said, "You look really scary." He's such a romantic. 

At any rate, I just got the thumb stitches off the needles for the lining of mitten #2. With any luck, I may be able to finish the lining by tonight & get to work on the outer layer. I'm looking forward to being able to wear these. 


Jordan's picture

Hi Mel--your mittens sound like they're going to be luxurious and warm.  I'll have to check out the CBC podcasts.  You're my new podcast guru.