Beat the clock round two:

Mother's Day: May 11
Today... May 2
Must be mailed May 9th overnight to get there on time.

If I take one full day off to knit the sleeves (Yes, two sleeves in one day..I've decided to do the sleeves on the 9's rather than the 8's...I'll just use the one sleeve knit on 8's for something else...maybe for a sweater for me...who knows?). And then a day to do any sewing machine shaping, piecing, and collar and cuffs, a day to and dry... that means that if I have the whole bloody bullocks done and dry by Friday morning, I can send it overnight to them and they'll get it Sat.

My busiest season, and I plan to take a full day off to knit. I must be MAD. Then again, it is for Mum.



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Your work is beautiful. Your ambition is ASTOUNDING! I cannot fathom two sleeves in one day! Especially intarsia, which it looks like you are doing. Is this a Kaffe Fassett pattern? It looks a lot like his work. What kind of yarn are you using? You mentioned "sewing machine" shaping...I've never used a sewing machine, but I am intrigued. Could you expound?
Good luck! I hope you reach your goals.


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It is based on the Fassett "small squares" from "Glorious Knitting". I'm basically using my own shaped pattern and just using the idea of small different coloured squares (It's a very old quilt pattern, actually: KF made it known to many knitters in the 80's).

The machine shaping: I will rough out a pattern if I am designing it for the first time: It's much easier to knit an extra row or two and then sit down with my paper pattern, mark on the knit (and blocked fabric) any extra shaping that needs to be done (removed) chalk, backstitch with some sockweight single for firmness, then do machine steek for shaping. On my father's sweater, I did this to shorten the panels (and created the matching hats with the excess) , to create the shoulder shaping, the sleeve cap, and the neck shaping... It means I knit an extra couple of rows etc, but since I knit pretty fast, its far easier and faster to simply steek and cut than try to figure and possibly have to correct guestimated knit shaping...

After the sweater is completed, I will graph out the shaping/stitch count for future reference.

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Tick, tock. Tick, tock .......

As usual I can't wait to see the finished product.