My Precious!

Ha ha ha! This picture made me think of Lord of the Rings, my preciosu Noro. I got some today as I am looking forward to making some socks in the near futurre. I am also waiting for the tax rebate, who knows I may get my Harmony Options needle set , some noro yarn, some dvds, and definitely stimulate the economy. At least stimulate myself, that sounded strange, but then again it comes with the territory. Hope you guys and gals have a great weekend!


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very funny. I have been eyeing the Noro section at my LYS too. might need to indulge this weekend. thanks for showing off!

-This space for rent. Inquire within.

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I think we must have been reading the same blogs :) I just got my delivery of Kureyon Yarn and have the Knit Pick HO's on order :) I have been trying out that Lizard Edge Afghan Stef made recently. After a few Holey mistakes :) I seem to have mastered the picking up Wrap Stitches thing :) Only prob I have the Kureyon sock yarn and not the Kureyon pure wool yarn.. ooops ! the sock yarn says 420m per 100g and the Kureyon wool says 200m per 100g yarn.. I guess it means smaller needles and more repeats :(
I could Knit socks ! (no idea how as yet :) ) Bum! at £8.50 a ball $17 USD its not cheap stuff ...

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Put down the Kureyon sock yarn, and step. slowly. away... It's yarn crack.

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That looks so luscious!
I have yarn envy. Oh, the shame!