Dare to Noro a Sock

I tend to knit very tight, I am constantly telling my wrists to relax the gauge, and eventually I get a relaxed gauge. So I have started the socks, very simple pattern on two circular needles size number 3. I am adapting a pattern from a Sock DVD from Nenah Galati to 72 stitches. I may have to try it on when I get a bit before the Heel Flap and see how it feels. This is my first Knit Sock Project and I am very excited. Just the fact that I can make my own socks is amazing to me.

I will eventually try double pointed needles, but for know I am staying with the circular sets. Thanks for stopping by!


Congrats! Socks are a new endeavor for me, too! I had tried in the past to adapt a pattern (hiking socks, in "Knitting with Balls") for a different weight yarn... too much math! Let me tell you, it was awful. Then, I tried to make the entrelac socks in "Son of a Stitch and Bitch" (again with the wrong kind of yarn)... what was I thinking? The gauge was all off, and it ended up being WAY too big! That, and I broke, not one, but TWO of my size 2 double points! (You can read all about the saga on my blog, http://cotywithat.blogspot.com/). I recommend metal needles for anything under a US6, btw! :)

Anyway, while I was seeking out my replacement needles, that's when I found this -- the most amazing sock pattern ever! It's very basic, but if you're just starting out, it's perfect! It made perfect sense to me the very first time, and my sock ended up looking GREAT! It gives you an interchangeable pattern for use in THREE different gauges (Fingering, DK/Sport, Worsted), plus... when you start knitting the top of the sock, it's all on one needle, so it makes it very easy to sub-in any kind of stitch you want!

It's a top down pattern (I know lots of folks like toe-up), but it works very well. I wanted to make ankle socks, so all I did was 5 rows of initial ribbing rather than 5 inches!

You can find the pattern here -- http://www.paradisefibers.com/patterns/norling.asp

It's the "#12: Adult Basics: Socks $3.00, Classic pattern for socks in 3 gauges" guy... super-cheap! Man alive, I love Ann Norling for this pattern!

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Have fun with the socks. After many years I decided to knit a pair of socks. I finally found a pattern that was similar to one I used when a teenager. I just got bored though and have them all done but the toe of one sock. I will have to finish it this summer. I used a boring black yard and I think would have enjoyed more color. I will try that. I also used double pointed needles but think I will use a circular one next time. Keep us posted on how the socks go.

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Congratulations on diving into socks. I had knit for many years but kept thinking I would never be able to accomplish socks. With a friend I had the opportunity to knit some glove for a Broadway show. This was a big challenge for me but figured "Why Not!. Because of that, I decided to have a go at socks telling myself that I was fairly intelligent, I could read a pattern, and if I needed help, I had friends and places to go. We were using vintage Red Cross patterns so I tried my hand at the sock pattern. Very basic, top down sock and it was a success. So much so that I have now made around 15 pairs. I am addicted to it. At any rate, it is fun to challenge ourselves and grow in our knitting. I am trying to decide what my next challenge should be. Any ideas? Good Luck with the socks and forge ahead.
Oh, I almost forgot. I only have used DP's in my sock knitting but am thinking of trying the circular needles and trying to knit a pair at the same time. Sounds incredible.
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Ann Norling writes VERY clear patterns!

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"Just the fact that I can make my own socks is amazing to me."

Me too. I'm on my third pair and my stash for furture paris keeps getting larger. As everyone predicts - I became addicted to making socks. By the time you've finished your third sock you'll wonder why you waited so long to do them. I use a pattern by Katheryn Tewson called the Unuiversal Sock Pattern. She converts number of stitches for what ever size needle you want to use. Anyway it's simple and easy to follow.