Seed Stitch

I have been working on my block of the month for my lap afgan. First of all I had to catch up and get Marches block done and then when I went to get the next month's block it was the dreded see stitch. Let me tell you I do not like seed stitch in a box, with a fox, on a train or on a plane, to say the least. But I am almost done with this months block. I have had to make myself do at least 12 rows of the block every night, or even inbetween customers at work. I am at least a little more comfortable with this stitch, but I don't think I will be making something with this stitch all to soon. Once I get the block done I will post a picture of both Marches and Aprils blocks.
Barry-the Kilted Knitter
P.S. Got me another Utilikilt, a black one this time, mmmm Love it!!! Almost as much as I love my knitting and yarns. LOL!!!!


MichaelJames's picture

I agree whole heartedly with you! I just made an entire sweater out of seed stitch and I thought I would lose my mind more-than-a-few time. It's too bad that I like the look.
What about bobbles? I made a sweater that had bobbles (8 of them per row every 3rd row) and I had to put that project down several times in order to keep sanity. Great end result, however,


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I've barely started a jacket for my daughter in seed stitch...dreading it, so will have to do it in small increments...brown Rowan felted tweed...boring!