Fassett sweater

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dannvictoria's picture

Beautiful work

Jerry Moore's picture

My lord my lord how I've lusted after Fasset's work. Maybe the next time I return to one of my multi-colored periods.

Nice work, Dan. Which of his books? I don't recognize your sweater from the three Fassett books I have. Will you make a 2nd one? If so, any changes?

By the way, I only recently read a phonics version of how to pronounce Kaffe's name. It's pronounced "Coffee Faucet." And there I went around for years trying to make it sound made-up Norwegian or something. "Kaif Fozey/" Naaa.

Regards, Jerry

New York Built's picture

I yearn for this sweater. Great color and execution.

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

Nashrunner's picture

It's beautiful. We've had such mild winters in Tennessee for the past couple of years that would make a great coat for around here, at least until December or so. As a friend used to say, I "need" that sweater.