All this talk about socks...

....has got me excited. I just ordered the Ann Norling basic adult sock pattern. I'll let my accomplished brethren know the end result.
I am pretty happy to say I've got 10" completed in the Starmore Henry VIII pattern. It's really quite beautiful.
Also, I am including a picture of my Fassett Kilim jacket, which I made out of several extra yarns I had around the house. It's made primarily with Noro Iro.
I hope everyone's having a great day!
Michael James[img_assist|nid=5480|title=Fassett sweater|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=140|height=200]


Bill's picture

Love the Ann Norling pattern...I've adapted it to many different designs...

Kerry's picture

Your jacket looks great, I love the colours, and I'm looking forward to seeing your Henry 8, it's such a great pattern.

PhilNmtl's picture

Ann Norling Pattern has worked well for me. I have made more variations that I care to think, but it really taught me how to make a sock, stress free. Good luck!

steve kadel's picture

loving that jacket

we put birds on things