Son of Stitch 'N Bitch

Has anyone else used any of the patterns from this book? I'm currently working on the Speed Racer sweater (so-called because of the "racing stripe" down each sleeve) and have come across an error. I checked on the SnB website for pattern errata, but there doesn't seem to be any up yet. I think I've managed to figure out what I need to do to continue, but was just wondering if anyone else came across any problems with patterns from this book?





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In what part of the pattern is the error?

Not yet. I just got the book delivered yesterday and that jumper you mention is the one I was going to have a go at. What part was the error?

I started working on the entrelac socks, but had no luck. Of course, I was using the wrong sized needles and the wrong weight yarn. Other than that... lol! Yeah, there's a reason it came out looking like Paul Bunyan's sock!

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