green torture

I went to a PROPER yarn shop a few months ago for the first time to buy 3 balls of Jo Sharp DK in Pistachio, thinking that it would be enough.
Im always broke so these $7 balls were a bit extravagant for me but it was a cheer-me-up as i was sick of cheapo yarn that squeaked and felt disgusting to handle.
3 balls only knitted 30inches.
6 months later i got back to knitting the scarf.
I had to email the shop to find out if they still had that yarn in stock. ill be lucky to get the same dye lot obviously, but i'll pay for my lack of research and wonky estimation skills. I have learnt my lesson.

anyway, the 5mm needles, moss stitch and all, is making my hands hurt. whinge whinge! 3 inches knitted per a day.

Pistachio isnt my colour, i will never wear this scarf, but the colour was better than prozac.
Next time im getting some colbalt blue yarn and do away with my medication and shrinks!


albert's picture

The cobalt blue will do it for you- save the pistachio for ice cream.

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i went looking for some today but couldnt find any yarn in colbalt blue! aghhh!