The Sweater Didn't Fit.........

So, I finished my first ever sweater this weekend (EZ's Seamless) and doesn't fit. Uggh! The gauge is correct but I didn't decrease the yoke properly; so, I have the great big bunch of extra material. I thought about ripping out the yoke and doing it again but EZ's ratios don't take into account a man's shoulders and biceps. The sleeves are just too tight in that area and I didn't want to do those again too.
Well, it was a good learning experience. I've decided to take the whole thing apart and use the yarn again for a different sweater. Actually, I will be experimenting on my neighbours' four year old son. With a smaller sweater, it won't be too much to take out the mistakes (I hope). However, his mom said to add an inch to everything because he is growing so fast and that he hates any type of collar.
Fun times......


Well at least as you say its a good learning experiance. I would maybe recomend the sweater workshop by Jaquelin Fee. Again its seem free sweaters. I think it is based on the EZ method. I found it quite easy to follow and once the numbers all added up I think I did an ok job, maybe worht a look?

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A learning experience for many of us, thanks for sharing.


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I am sorry for your difficulty. I find it painful to rip out! OUCH!
I've made many many sweaters and I've never had any trouble, but I've also never done a seemless sweater, which must make a big difference. Maybe you would find your first sweater easier if you made it in pieces...I have several great patterns I could share with you.
Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you out.


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Sorry it doesn't fit...but if you want to give it another go, this might help. Most of EZ's designs were of another time period, when sweaters were worn very fitted without much ease (fashion or fit ease). Today we are seeing less fashion ease but some fit ease. 15 years ago we had lots of fashion ease. Ok, shut up and get to the point! On page 14 of The Opinionated Knitter, Meg writes..."the above worked well until I began kintting larger sizes and increased the upper sleeve to about 35-40% o f [K] instead of 33%...To cope with that, I added another decrease-ring and made the first decrease 1/5 the number of sts on the needle...followed buy 1/4, 1/4 and 1/3". In other words instead of doing a 25%, 33%, 40% decrease do 20%, 25%, 25%, 33% over the same 10-11" yoke and you will have a better fitting shoulder/sleeve for a larger upper body. You do also need to remember to change [K] so that the sleeves are larger also. Hope this helps some.

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I'm definitely going to give it another go. I really wasn't too disappointed; it was fun doing it. I like the idea of more decreases. One pattern I saw had six decreases on the yoke. I may actually try that one and see what happens.

Thanks for all of the great suggestions.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog That's whyI would suggest that you should try the garment on as you make it and that will give you the idea of how many increases decreases you will want to have. That's a shame , but if you frog it, you can do something different. I have recycled couple of garments myself lol!

Don't give up!! I have completed three sweaters, (not counting the one I took apart at the armpit because I knew it wouldn't fit) and none of them have fit!! LOL
But now I am on my fourth...
we knitters live in hope!!

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Great photo by the way.

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My first sweater didn't fit (I didn't inherit enough gorilla DNA)- but what the hell, I had knit a sweater.

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Congrats on finishing your first sweater and welcome to the it'll-never-fit-anyone club. My first sweater was the same. It was for my wife and it was the size of a tent...except for the neck. Even without the collar she couldn't get her pretty little head through it... :-( It's still sitting up in her closet - she doesn't dare get rid of it and I haven't found the energy to frog it and re-use the yarn (which I really liked....)

Keep trying!

Grace and Peace,

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Like lots of other guys, I sang the First Sweater Blues, and the Second Sweater Blues, too. Then I discovered knitting from the top down. All the really important fitting is done at the top of the sweater, and since I start there I can find and fix gauge issues and pattern issues and counting mistakes and everything else right away. Made a big difference for me.

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Sorry to hear it didn' fit....It took my 3 tries for my sweater---and only then did I decide sweaters were too much work for something that didn't fit: I turned to sock knitting and haven't looked back!