Bowls for Compassion - Bowl #1

I haven't yet posted the two bowls I knit for the "100 Bowls of Compassion" event in Washington, DC. So here they are.

The first one, "Woodland Harmony", is 7" (18 cm) tall and 34" (86 cm) in circumference. The second one, "Refresh My Soul", is 6-1/2 (16.5 cm) tall and 36" (91 cm) in circumference.


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They are beautiful, tom. And they both give almost a pottery illusion - which is fantastic!

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Thanks, Mario. That's exactly what I was striving to achieve so I'm thrilled you saw that in the work.

When I first saw the pictures I, too, thought you had achieved 'the pottery effect'. They are both beautiful pieces of artwork, well done.

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Kudos from me too! I agree that you've captured the pottery shape and you've also replicated traditional pottery glaze colors. Excellent job!

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Wow! Those bowls are amazing. I like the colors you chose. I don't know much about felting so I'm sorry if this is a stupid question...but I gotta know. How did you get this one to retain it's shape during the felting process? Did you put a balloon in there?

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Actually I stuffed it with crumpled plastic grocery bags. Then, after a few days, I removed the bags since they were not allowing the bottom to dry. During the drying process, I kept forming it gently with my hands. I'm sure there is a better system but I haven't discovered it yet. Maybe a balloon would help but it wouldn't give me the flat bottom I wanted.

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Great work, Tom. I agree with the others. When I first saw the photos I thought of pottery immediately. Great color choices. Think about giving a workshop for them?