Bowls for Compassion - Bowl #2

Here is bowl #2:
"Refresh My Soul", is 6-1/2 (16.5 cm) tall and 36" (91 cm) in circumference.


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Both bowls are beautiful. I really like the colors.



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Okay tom, is that double knit , two layers, or what? The colour on the inside is definately different from the outside - enhancing the whole "pottery" look. I think you have a pattern that needs writing up. The sculptured rim is also something that enhances the faux-ceramic look, and something I haven't run across before. details! details!

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I think the photo is a bit deceiving due to the lighting. The inside color isn't different from the outside color. I don't remember exactly what I did while knitting and I didn't write it down. But I do remember I angled in the top after I bowed out the center. Then, when blocking, I just rolled in the top of the bowl to give the nice outer edge and the narrower center opening. I'll have to knit another and take notes. But you've given me some great ideas that I'll pursue.