Blocking Superwash?

Curious if any of you have used superwash wool in a garment that needs blocking. I have some beautiful superwash that would be stunning as a shawl but am a bit concerned about whether or not it will hold a block. Still miles away from knitting up a swatch and was just fishing around for your experiences.


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Most of the reports I've had is that superwash blocks just fine. In a few cases people have reported a touch more "spring-back' in the superwash then the regular version of the same line - but in other cases people have reported the oppisete. So I guess it depends on the brand.

And of course - the standard answer would be "test swatch"

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I have just blocked a cardigan in superwash and it came out just fine. The brand was Jaeger.

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Have been making baby and toddler items lately with superwash and have been very successful blocking everything. After blocking and assembling will often lightly steam the seams. So far everything has lasted and held up well to laundering.

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The blocking just sets the memory of the yarn...allowing seams to be flattened, some stretching of stitches...It's "setting" the protein of the hair or veg fiber (steam is a good catalyst) ...some respond better than others, but I've really noticed no difference, and I have many (handwash) garments that also include superwash...(Mom and Dad's sweaters for example).