have u heard of

hi guys i would like to know have any of u heard of Macrame? Cavandoli? or Half Hitches? if so i would like to know do any of you guys have resources about this information.


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For an initial on-line resource I would suggest the Amazon preview of this book:

The New Macrame

Just the preview gives away a lot of useful information, but the book is jam packed with great ideas as well.

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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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I used to Macrame a ton 30+ years ago. I was in elementary school and my teacher would "hire" me to make wall hangings for all of her friend's wedding presents, birthdays and whatever else. I made window shades, plant hangers, belts, purses....TONS OF STUFF!
I may still have some books around. What exactly are you looking for? Is there something you have in mind to make?


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Micheal not really i would like to know how to do and also put something else in my skill. i gotten the new copy of Piece Work Magazine and they where talking about it and plus i have been interested in it from sometime but didn't know what it where called.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Same Here Macrame was about 30 years ago a cool art, I have no idea if anyone does it anymore. It is done by hand and is a series of knots. It was used a lot for hammocks and to make something for hanging flower pots from the ceiling lol!

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I've seen some incredible macrame done with finer cords and very intricate patterns - at some point macreme morphs over to bobbin lace - but I'm not sure where the dividing line would be.

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Lots of us used to do macrame along time ago. It was fun and is somewhat portable. It would be nice to see it come back. Seems like it was invented at a time when only old or older ladies knit or crocheted. It also was pretty cheap to do as materials were either cotton clothesline or hemp rope and a few beads. BTW a half hitch is a macrame knot.

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I made tons of macrame jewlery with waxed linen when I was a kid. Now it's all back in style. Macrame was one of the ways you could earn your Birkenstocks back in 1975. :-)