Not-So-Rugged Scarf in Black Alpaca & Silk

This scarf from "Knitting With Balls" was done in Bristol Yarn Gallery's "Buckingham" as the "main color" This is a yummy DK weight blend of alpaca and silk and I'm sure much heavier than the mohair/silk blend used in the pattern. The "complimentary color" is a worsted weight alpaca from Ideuma Creek. Specifically from an alpaca named Paco. I make it a point to treat myself to something from this vendor at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival every year.

I knotted the two yarns together when joining them but soon discovered that wasn't going to be enough. The two yarns, especially the heavier weight alpaca, are so slick that even a good square knot was coming loose. I decided I had to glue them. Luckily I had some washable and "flexible" fabric glue so I tried as carefully as I could to apply a drop to each knot to help keep it secure.

In all this was a fun project. The rounds went quickly despite each one being 240 stitches. And it feels just great around the neck. If you're going to make this make sure you're using something super soft and luxurious! You won't be disappointed. I think my end result is a scarf that I will certainly get use out of. On those winter occasions where I want to dress nicely, this is going to be PERFECT! I May just start dressing nicely more often just to get to wear this.

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Very nice, It looks cuddly soft. The color is great.



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Very nice! I made one of these too and I have to say that they are super cozy and quite warm. Excellent job!

The yarns sound truly decadent. The scarf looks gorgeous and I hope you enjoy every moment you wear it. I definitely have yarn envy.

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Moebius or just a circular neck hugger - I can't tell on my monitor, but I don't see any ends.
But it does look sinfully luxurious.

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I believe it's just a circular. I'm familiar with the term Moebius, just not sure exactly what that is.

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a moebius scarf has a half twist in it, so that it only has the single edge. (You knit twice the circumfrence for each row because it goes around twice!)

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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This does look particularly elegant, it has a "black tie" look about it. Beautifully done and the fiber looks absolutely luxurious. _____________________________


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I was thinking the same thing. This will probably have to go on my to do list.


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Sounds just dreamy, and really cool to hear about the pleasure a newly knitted item has already given lots of pleasure. Nice work.