Son of Stitch N Bitch Part 2

The area of the Speed Racer pattern that I was having trouble with is in doing the second sleeve. The sleeve carries up over the shoulder to the neck where it splits and runs in front and back of the neck and meets and is joined with the same pieces from the other sleeve just below the center of the collar (front and back). The body of the sweater is seamed into place below this. It's an unusual design, but looks very interesting with the vertical and horizontal knitting against each other. Anyway, the directions for the second sleeve have the front and back parts reversed. If those two sets of directions are simply reversed, it knits up fine. But I didn't discover the error until I was almost done. Ugh. If anyone wants to make this sweater and needs further clarity on this, let me know (it's still early and I haven't had my breakfast yet, so I don't know if this made a lot of sense!)



I didn't know there was a Son of Stitch and Bitch Part 2 - I will have to look for it. I am now on my second project from "Part One" and have found mistakes in those patterns as well. None of the mistakes are fatal just annoying - especially if you find them after knitting a few rows or more. I love her stuff but, she needs a better proof reader or test knitter!!! Good luck with the sweater and thanks for the heads up.