i know this is off knitting but i want your opinion

i would like to know don't member Grandcarriage look like Tori Spelling husband Dean McDermott?


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ooohhh....no...Grandcarriage is much better looking...and I'm not even saying that to try and flatter him...he really is.

I fully agree - and I have to say the other guy looks as though he could do with a good shower and hair wash.

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They could definitly be brothers.


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I don't even know what he looks like, I better google. Just googled...

Kiiinnnnndddd of. We have a similar coloring and facial composition, but unlike Dean, I have lips... (LOL)

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His left eye is a little weird too...like it's set closer to the center than his left... LOL...

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You also seem to have some body definition, and a MUCH more appealing smile.

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And wear a kilt with MUCH more flair and style.

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plus u are more sexier and sure can knit better then him ...... if he knit....