unplying yarn

is it hard to unply yarn......... i have some medium worsted 4 ply yarn that i want to unply it to makee four balls and do something lace


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Put it this way; unless it's a real emergency - it isn't worth the time or the effort.

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oh ok thank u mario

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Just know that plying a yarn adds both strength to the yarn and counter-balances the twist in the individual plies. So if you unply, the yarn could be significantly less strong and could torque/twist your knitted fabric.

Agree completely with MMario that it's easier to find a laceweight yarn instead.

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The other problem is that the yarn twist has already been set, so the unplied strands will be "crinkly" unless you steam or rewash them. (I'm speaking mostly of wool... a synthetic might be permanently twisted.)

Much easier to just buy laceweight like MMario said.