Spiral Counterpane construction phase

Spirals done. Filler squares done. Ready to stitch them all together and discovered that my filler squares are too big!! Even though the number of stitches on each side match the number of stitches on each side of the octagons, they are just too big. So, I've started knitting smaller ones and after blocking, they seem to be just about right. So, here is the beginning. The throw will be 5 spirals wide and 7 spirals long. Have been searching for the right border. Any ideas?


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Are you planning on doing filler half-squares for the edges? If so, you can pretty much do any edging you want, but if you don't, I'd do a crochet edging with single crochets at the outer-most sections of the throw and double, triple and even quadruple crochets in the crevices between spirals.

I would even consider using crochet to even out the crevices and then do a knit edging, although that would also depend on how many inches I wanted to add to the outside of the throw.

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Thanks for the ideas. I'm not a crocheter, so will knit the edging. And yes, I'm knitting triangles to fill in the crevices. Just looking for the right edging to compliment the overall design.

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i am so in love with your patterns

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Thanks! It is easy to knit and done on two straight needles then seamed. Here is where I found the pattern: http://knittingdivine.blogspot.com/2007/07/lacy-beret-free-pattern.html. Give it a try!