Fan Frame Work

hi guys i have a pattern for a Lace Knitted Fan but i can't find the fan frame work... do any of u guys know where i can find order some from......................


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That's a tough one. I'd say check Asian Markets (do you have a Chinatown nearby?), and purchase a fan there and rip off the paper/silk whatever part. Or you could check Ebay or Antique shops. They might even have beautiful old fan frameworks that no longer have the body of the fan attached (just make sure it's not too brittle if it's antique wood, tortoise shell or ivory). I originally thought of online stores that cater to Historical Reenactment supplies but I didn't see anything. You might also check bridal shops but yet again you'll have the matter of removing the existing part of the fan.


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Blank frames are nearly impossible to find...I use faux tortoise shell fans from Spanish dance suppliers...they're easier to recover than thin bamboo frames....and they're under $20. usually.

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Here is a source... go to the online catalog and search for "fan sticks". 6" nautrual bamboo or black $10...item # PK24. It appears that they also have 9"-11" for $30...item # LD11