My Wife's A Sock Murderess!

I made her several pairs of hand-knitted Socka Fortissima socks, and she put one of the pair I made for her (FOR CHRISTMAS) in the washer AND DRYER when I told her not to.  Nooooo, hubby is dumb, she knows more than he does.  She can't knit, but she knows more about hand-knitted socks than I do.  And she spins our fleeces and she also felts projects so she knows what kind of disaster she is wreaking on my hard work.   So she tosses them into the washer AND THE DRYER and what happens?  Besides getting all pilled and fuzzed (and pretty nasty-looking) there's a friggin' HOLE in one of them from getting snagged by something else she washed them with.  The hole isn't in the bottom of the foot or the leg, where it would be easy to fix, but  noooo, in the GUSSET.  She didn't even bother to put them into a garment bag to keep them from getting BLUDGEONED by the the washer and dryer, just tossed them in like they were store-bought.  And they're RUINED!!  Dammit, all my hard work -- you wouldn't believe how AWFUL hand-knitted socks look after going through the washer AND THE DRYER just one time!!

So these socks are going to be what I experiment on as I learn how to repair/darn damaged socks.  Here's a website someone sent me:

Jeez --


Sorry I came across in the blog the way I did.  Don't let the blog fool ya -- I deal with far more important things than poking a hole in a pair of socks.  The two of us are fanatical fibercrafters and have many common interests in this area.

This whole blog on 'sock murdering' was strictly tongue-in-cheek on my part; my wife's down sick with a head cold that had me worried because it was acting like it was settling in her chest.  We'd been stuck indoors for this past 3-day weekend because of a sudden freak snowstorm that turned to ice and we couldn't go anywhere, so you're talking massive cabin fever.  My daughter was traveling out-of-state with a new boyfriend and they got stuck by the weather.  It was so cold outside that when I reached for the cat (normally eager to go out) to get her some fresh air outdoors, she hissed and growled at me.  It was a total loss as far as a 3-day weekend was concerned, except I got a ton of work done on the sweater I'm making for myself.  My brother went crazy over the one I made him for Christmas so I figured if all of his boating cronies got as excited over it as he said they did and were willing to fork over $1,000.00 bucks apiece for a hand-knitted Lopi sweater to wear when they go out on a sloop -- then by God I'd better polish up my technique and refine the touches I put into his.  Men's sweater patterns look boring to me and I think I've looked at hundreds over the years.  I add my own touches because I like the Celtic/Nordic look.

I'm not at all this reactive about my handwork; this was more or less a venting session inspired by life in general at the moment.  It was brought on by a series of issues, not just what I've posted about sock-murdering.  Wife adamantly denies the charges, by the way.  It was also my fault; I knitted them too loosely because I used a #3 needle instead of a #2.

Thanks for the invite to a cup of tea, but I make my own hooch.  Sort of like "the recipe" on the Waltons.  I grow an early Asian pear from a tree that goes back almost 100 years and from it I distill the pears in 100-proof vodka with cinnamon, orange peel and coriander seed in the sun in ball jars for a couple of months at the end of the summer.  Mellows the nerves and is good for what ails ya.  Next in line is pear wine, since I've already done pear brandy.  And pear chutney.

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I somewhat agree with Lars.....however, after having the tea, sit and reflect on ways to torture her....LOL Nooooo, I'm kidding....we all make honest mistakes although (kind of glad I'm queer cuz a gay man would probably die before he would wash and dry hand knitted garments)....LOL.....kidding again!!!!! My guess is that this is the last time she will make that mistake...something like that usually only happens once!!! Good luck!

Hang them up by the machines as a reminder! 


Knit away, knit away

"They say best men are moulded out of faults; and, for the most, become much more the better for being a little bad." William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

Glad I'm not your wife -  I just machine washed (and dried) a pair of my socks and they look none the worse.  I don't think I'd make socks if I had to hand wash every pair - thank the yarn god for superwash wool!!

Mmmmmmmmm!  Home-made Hooch as well as hand made socks.  Sounds kinda cosy...

You betcha.  Nothing beats mellowing out on a freezing cold Friday evening in your easy chair wearing a pair of your hand-knitted socks and home-made hooch after supper.  I got onto a Norwegian website that told me how to make my own sugar syrup to add to the mixture after it's been strained and put into fresh jars; you have to add a little lemon juice to keep the sugar from crystallizing.  It has a beautiful amber color with a smooth kick and aromatic aftertaste that keep ya from knowin' what hit ya.  I usually make sure to not do anything that takes a whole lot of concentration, like the leg of a sock or the body of the sweater.  The scarves I make are short-row textured works that unfortunately don't qualify.  And I'm not as think as you drunk I am.  Seriously -- I'm not a big drinker.  I only do this as a hobby.  Knitting, now -- that's a necessity when you work in the medical field and face that stress all day; you can go to the gym just so many times a week (I go 5 days) but I have to unwind with my current project to calm down.  It gives me a practical outcome for the effort.  My wife thinks so, too.  The cats get a bit miffed, though, when there's one less lap to cuddle into.

Patton's Kroy Sock yarn is listed as machine washeable and machine dryable on the label. It is a fluffy, full sock yarn, made in Canada, 75% wool and 25% acrylic. I haven't had the heart (or inattention) to dry a sock in the dryer -- still use the drying rack -- but can testify to the machine-wash claim being accurate.

My partner, over the years, has shrank many socks for me. Can say I haven't lost a pair ever since superwash wool made its debut. That has cut down on the meditation sessions a bit. Although I prefer home-made plum liquor to pear brandy, sounds like a great recipe to me.