Irish Diamond Shawl Progress Report #9

Here it is in all it's blocked out glory. It took less than 8 balls of yarn to complete (what to do with the leftovers *grins*). I finished binding off the beast at the LYS and to my surprise, it was jam packed. My ego was in heaven....

Now for a more critical eye. I knew after I finished my bind off was not loose enough. The corners curled up too much and blocking did not help. Also, after blocking my gauge failed to make the results square.

All in all, I am very please with the results. And with all the compliments I've received I can not complain. I have learned allot from this project and enjoyed every moment (good, bad and ugly).

It is now time to plan out my next project, another shawl from the Folk Shawls for my wife.



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Woohooo! It's incredible. You did wonderfully! And I promise not to ask you to knit me one :D

Looks absolutely fantastic. Good job. Loving the colour.

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I deep looking at that pattern and now you have inspired me. It is truly gorgeous.

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Did I actually hear you ask what to do with the leftovers??? The project looks great. And if your wife is anything like mine she'll never notice (or mention) any least not until she's in a roomfull of people with me at her side. Oh well, that's what keep marriage fun after all these years!



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Nice work and nice choice of color.

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And pleased you should be. What a fantastic piece!


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Binding off lace projects is a PITA, too tight and it won't block correctly, too loose and it ends up looking sloppyl. I think overall the shawl looks like a rip-roaring success!

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Very nice!

The bind-off horror is why so many shawls end with an applied border... that said, I did bind off my last shawl (an Evelyn Clarke triangle) with a special bind-off she describes in the Lace Triangles book. It's practically impossible to bind off too tightly with it.

... not that I can remember how to describe it!