Progress report QEL

Hey guys, just wanted to share some of my anxiety with you all and ask for some advice.
As mentioned in a previous post I have been working on MMario's QEL shawl and I'm on my last 4 rows before it’s finished. However, I've notice I've made a bit of a mistake. I know at least one mistake I have made is that I have knitted row 144 in 2 different rows meaning the pattern doesn’t look as it should. I decided to carry on regardless as this is just a practice run. All seemed ok and was still looking forward to completing it, but it seems I have made yet another mistake. Not really sure what I have done this time but the pattern is out of alignment.

Option 1 - To carry on and finish. The problem with this is that I'll know its wrong and won’t really be as excited to finish as I once was.

Option 2 is that I rip out a few rows to get back to where I first made the mistake, (bearing in mind this will take hours and hours of me either knitting back 10 rows or trying to re thread the stitches)

Option 3 is to rip the whole thing out and start again, but this time using some really nice yarn and paying more attention.

The whole point of this project was to practice and get a feel for lace as it’s my first attempt and not to worry too much about small mistakes, but now it’s almost finished it seems a shame to start all over again.
One small consolation is that I have now invested in some knit pick interchangeable needles (which are absolutely fantastic and so much nicer to use than the Denise interchangeable needles) so knitting another shawl will be even more pleasurable.

I cant make up my mind what to do. Please help


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It is hard to give up when you have gotten this far. When I've made those mistakes I usually rip it back to the error and work from there. Knitting is always practice for me because I learn with each project and definately I learn from frogging back.

I guess it depends on the zen in you - what YOU want with THIS piece.


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Given that you said it's a practice piece, I would just go ahead and finish it and move on. You'll find something to do with and I bet you'll find it doesn't look quite as bad as you think it will

But for the future there is a neat little feature the KP Options needles allow you to do: easily run a lifeline into your knitting. You know that little hole you use to tighten the needle tip onto the cable? Thread some embroidery thread or some sort of sturdy line (of sufficient length to go around your piece with extra to spare) through that hole and knit away. As you knit, the thread will be pulled along behind you THRU the stitches. When you reach the end of the row, pull the remaining line out of the hole on the needle. You now have a lifeline running through the knitted stitches. If you ever need to rip back to fix a mistake, you can just rip the yarn back and it will stop by itself at the lifeline. You put your stitches back on the cable and your ready to go.

Once you're finished and don't need it anymore, you just pull the lifeline out of the knitting since it's not attached to anything.

The only thing you have to be careful of is stitch markers. Putting in a lifeline this way would result in the lifeline running THROUGH your stitch markers, locking them in place. I discovered this the hard way, unfortunately. You have to remove them as you come to them and then replace them on the round after the lifeline. So basically you don't have markers for one round in your knitting.

Anyway, good luck.