QAL decision

Well, after a good night sleep I decided that I would try and thread back and rip a few rows from my QAL shawl and go back and correct a few mistakes. The more I was looking at it, the more I was finding reasons to just start over. I tired to carry on regardless but was stopping every few stitches, taking another closer look and feeling deflated, so am now in the process of starting over.
The original plan was to use up some odds and ends of yarn I had left over but the more I worked on it the more I thought it would be much nice if I used just the one colour so that’s what I'm going to do.
I’ve just got the KP interchangeable needles so am going to use lifelines this time. Had some very good advice from Tallguy (thank you) and decided I'm going to take it.
I’ve really enjoyed this project and learned some very good lesson so the time hasn’t all been wasted and am really looking forward to starting the new shawl, which I’m now about t start.
Wish my luck guys.


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what a great attitude! I will admit - I would etheir have just shrugged and completed it, or would still be breaking things ...

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I've done that exact thing. Kept trying to fix it even though deep down I knew I had to give it up to the frog pond. You are absolutely correct - it's still a learning experinece.