Spiral Counterpane Update

About 30 minutes ago, I stitched together the last of the spirals. Now I'll weave in the loose ends and begin knitting and blocking the small triangles to fill in the gaps around the edge. To finish it off, I'll knit a border. The size now is 50" x 70" and it's surprisingly heavy! I used two strands of Anchor "fantastik" cotton (Coats brand in Turkey).


This looks fantastic and I look forward to seeing it totally finished. I think I would have lost my mind stitching all those pieces together. Very well done to you.

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Thanks! Binding off on the WS really made the stitching together very straight forward so it wasn't difficult at all. Knitting the edge will be much more of a pain because I plan on picking up a stitch along the edge every other row as I knit it.

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That came out looking spectacular...love how the spirals create movement without being overwhelming. It has been fun to the watch the progress on this.

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Thanks, Joe. The positive comments feel good. It was fun and very satisfying. I see from my blog that I've been working on it since April 2. Originally I'd thought it would take about 2 months. I want to have it completely done before I leave on vacation in one week, so my original guesstimate wasn't far off.

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Great job. Looks wonderful. I can't imagine stitching together all those pieces. Maybe that's why I'm addicted to lace shawls ... when you're done, you're done. (Except for blocking.)

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Thanks. I guess I just look at it as all part of the process. I'm in awe of you guys who knit lace shawls...

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Boy, is that ever cool! It makes a great wall hanging.


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Thanks, Scott. It's ending up larger than I planned, but my partner is a tall guy, so it'll cover his lap, legs and feet on chilly evenings.

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Stunning piece of work

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Thanks! I'll post a final pic after the edge is done - within a week, I hope.,.,

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Wow, that's great.

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That is sooo beautiful!


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Thanks. I'm knitting the triangles now to fill inthe gaps around the edge. After they are blocked and stitched on, I'll add the knitted border. Still not sure of the design for the border yet though... Any ideas?

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Incredible! I'd probably leave it without the border on it. I like the "bumpy" circle edges. Besides, I can guarantee I'd go crazy trying to stitch it all together. The diamond centers are equally as gorgeous as the circles. QueerJoe is right, there is just the "right amount" of movement but not too much. Almost windmill-like, with a gentle breeze.

Beautiful job!

Grace and Peace,

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i agree with teejtc. i like the non straight border. it makes it unique and fits the pattern

we put birds on things

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Well, guys... Just finished knitting and blocking the triangles and have stitched about half of them in place already. Hope I'm not spoiling a good thing. Thanks for the input. I'll post a pic after I've got them all attached and ask for your input again before I begin to knit the outer edge. I can always take them off and leave it alone. But part of me feels like it would be unfinished.