I'm officially over the edge. I only want to make socks. When you guys said it was addictive I thought you were kidding, ha! The lys had great sock stuff for a change. The owner said she had me in mind when she made her last few orders. I always complain that the sock yarn is too girly. I spent 30 minutes trying not to spend my life's savings. Anyway, here are the newest additions to my stash and my latest pair in progress.



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It's funny... I tried socks a couple year ago - I did one sock and frogged it. Then I did the hiking socks a couple months ago and don't wear them much although they were nice and warm the winter. I guess I'm not an addict of socks at heart. Don't know why - I know many people who've had the same experience as you.


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I'm definitely not addicted to socks, although I almost always have socks on the needles as an interim project.

Hmmmm...perhaps I'm in denial about my addiction?

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I love socks, its the one thing I actually make for myself!

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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My name is Phillip Rolfe and I'm an addict...a sock addict. I too finally made a pair and haven't stopped. I think I've now made about 12 pair and I have an entire bag of yarns waiting to be made into socks. I can't seem to get enough of them. I've even started throwing out my store bought socks when I finish a pair. I work in theatre so it is a great way to have a small project to work on. I've only used one pattern for my socks so it is probably time for me to branch out and try some different things. It is great to hear that someone else has had or is having the same experience with knitting socks as I've had and continue to have. I am getting close to trying some lace knitting though. There have been some really beautiful things displayed on these pages that are making me twitch. Maybe my addiction is getting ready to change. Keep knitting everyone.

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I seem to be catching that nasty sock bug that's going around too. A few rows on the baby blanket, or a few pattern rows on the lacework help to ease the symptoms, but I'm afraid to tell you there does not seem to be any known cure. The hat bug is just as nasty.

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I think I'm ready to take the plunge. I haven't made socks before but there are so many great yarns out there for socks its enticing. Right now I'm on a cable scarf kick making everyone a scarf for Christmas.

My question is how long do they take to make? With the little needles and all the work I'm worried it would take me forever. You guys seem to dach them off in no time. I like little projects that I can finish in a few weeks. Maybe I could start them and work on several projects as once ....

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I'm down to 10 days per pair depending on how much knitting time I can get in. The little needles are no big deal once you get used to them. I've been using 1's most of the time. I always use a needle about two sizes smaller then the yarn suggests. I usually do them simultaneously so both sock are done at the same time. The best thing about socks is that you can never have too many pairs unlike scarves and other small projects and everyone loves to be gifted a cool homemade pair of socks.


I have to admit, I'm also addicted! I never thought that I would be. My first attempt went very very badly. Granted, I was using the wrong sized needles, the wrong weight of yarn, and trying to mathematically reconfigure and adapt the whole thing. It wasn't pretty.

Now that I know what the hell I'm doing, it's smooth sailing! I can usually get through a pair in about four days, but I like making low-rise socks. That's really all I wanted in a sock pattern. Ironically enough, I couldn't find a decent ankle sock pattern to save my life, but then I realized that all I had to do was jump right to the heel! Well, about 5-7 rows of ribbing, but you know what I mean! It's just so gratifying to actually make something utilitarian, you know? Maybe you could try that at first!

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I'd suggest using US Sz. 3 needles. They're small enough that you don't get sore feet from the "grain" of the knitting, but large enough that you don't feel like it takes a month for ever couple of inches. (I once started a pair with 1s and frogged them to re-work in 3s... that's all I do now.) I often keep a pair of socks in my vehicle for times when I have to wait for someone/something - they take forever that way, but it's ok.

When I have a pair to finish for something, I usually figure a sock per week (if I'm working each evening).

Grace and Peace,

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Something I almost wish I could become addicted to - I wear outt socks at an abnormal rate; but just can't get into knitting them.
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

Is it anything to do with those Elizabethan shoes you keep wearing?

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I am still working on my first sock, I have three projects on the go. I signed up for the Summer of Socks sockalong. I think it can be very addictive, but it is hard on my wrists. I will be making more socks as I go along, I willbe trying different yarns and see. I got some hand dyed from ebay that I am anxiously waiting to use. In the meantime Noro yarn is an interesting yarn for socks. We shall see lol!

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One can never have too many socks........and too much leftover sock yarn! I'm almost finished with a vest for myself made from leftover sock yarn used in making many pairs of socks for my four kids and spouses!

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Dude - I took my first hit of sock two days ago in an attempt to find a pattern to use an ill-chosen yarn for another project. First one is done, man. OK, so it's really heavy gauge for socks - 22 sitches on size 6 needles, but I just ordered some "killer" self-striping yarns today. Thank God it's payday. Need to start up #2 soon - the buzz is wearing off.

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I now refer to the lys lady as my dealer. Isn't one twelve step program enough?

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Ok you got me - off to my LYS tommorrow to get some DP needles and some fun self striping yarn. My stash is running over but I want to give it a shot!

MWK - Houston's picture

Ok One last question. I'm off to my LYS tonight for my first sock stash. I was thinking of getting size three needles and DK weight yarn. Does that sound like a good start. I think starting with 00 and fingering may be a bit too ambitious?

scottly's picture

That's how I started. Who ever is working the store will be able to help you as well. I would recommend getting two sets of needles and doing the socks simultaneously. It really does make a difference. Do you have a pattern? If not let me know, I have a royalty free one as a PDF that I can upload for you.


MWK - Houston's picture

Thanks for the advice. I have a book called starting socks or something like that - it's a step by step and has a basic pattern for each weight of yarn. But thanks for the offer. I'll get the two sets and see how it goes. Do you switch each row - or do all the ribbing on both, then the legs, then the heels?

Thanks again.

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In sections, cuff, leg, heel flap, turn of heel, gusset, foot, toe. That way you don't have to re-remember each step for the second sock and your pair has a much better chance of being identical.

Good luck.

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Thanks again - I will do that - this web site is so great for learning. I wish you were in Texas and could give me a tutorial on Socks.

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I'm finding lace to be just as addictive.. Every yarn purchase I make or project I plan seems to be either socks or lace.

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I knit my first sock in worsted. It was a test sock to see if I could actually figure it out. I figured the right guage and just jumped in. Well , after reading a couple of books on sock knitting first. It had been thirty years since I had knit anything..... It turned out quite well. I use it as an example to show others.

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I'm afraid to even try socks. I can't afford the time for another addiction which would take time away from my lace (shawl) addiction. Currently working on Summer Into Fall Shawl by Goddess Knits.