Questions for my knitting brethren

I am interested in making Jade Starmore's Glenesk, but the pattern is only available as an entire kit from Virtual Yarns. My questions: Is it possible to share patterns with each other on MWK or is it prohibited? And if it is permissable, does anyone have the Glenesk pattern that they would be willing to share with me?
Thank you all. I will respect the rules, whatever they may be.

Hope this finds you all well.


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From a copyright perspective, it would be illegal to make a copy for someone.... HOWEVER, if someone was willing to lend it to you, that would be legally permissible. I'd offer, but I don't have it. Sorry :-)

Grace and Peace,

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog You will find that nowhere in the internet you will be able to share patterns, unless is like Tim says, itis just the way the law is. Sometimes you can get away with this if you are teaching a class and or a technique, and make coppies for your class under the Fair Copyrights law. It is always good to send an email to the owner of the site and see if she will sell you a copy of the pattern, because you have some wool. A good business person will make the sale at least once. Maybe you can get a group of people to order with you Also try Ebay and see if someone is selling just the pattern.

The Cardigan sweater is beautiful indeed! I see they look Fair Isle - ish so there are The patterns or graphs that may be found around the internet for free or little cost to you, make sure they are knitter or crochet graphs as they are differently shaped than regular graphs. I will look at the picture and will look around for those graphs, the cardigan is just a cardigan. lol!

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Is this pattern printed in one of Starmore's (now out of print) books? You may be able to get the pattern through your local library by way of inter-library loan.