If Life Throws You Lemons......

Throw them back, only harder!

Just thought I would let you all know I'm alive and kicking. My daughter is doing great and I'm back home now, but to stay true to my luck more things to deal with came my way. My fiance has decided to move on, I wish him the best, while at the same time I'd like to push him in front of an oncoming train (kind of felt like this when he dumped me) My mother is now ill and not expected to recover.

On the up side of things, I have 2 daughters graduating, one from MSU, go green! She plans to attend Notre Dame in the fall to continue her education. This is the same daughter who was hit by the car, and the other from high school, she thinks she needs 2 years to lounge around and relax after 12 years of hard work, this is probably been the most traumatic for me LOL.

I've been knitting, will have to take pictures one day. Socks, socks and more socks. Hello, My Name Is Ravven and I'm a Sock Addict.

I've looked back and you guys still amaze me with the speed and beauty of your work.
Love you guys! and miss you all tons!


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Great to hear from you! I'm sorry about your difficulties, but happy your incredible sense of humour is intact.


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Hi Raven,

Thanks for the update from you and your positive outlook on life!! We're glad you're here and with us. Sorry to hear about some of your problems, but your attitude and sense of humor is inspiring. All the best to you.


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Thanks for keeping us up to date with your goings on. Sorry some of it has been a real pain to you. Keep knitting. It's better than sticking pins in dolls!

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MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear that so many things are falling down around you but amazed by your outlook -- if only you could bottle it! I'd buy some... although I supposed they'd make it illegal, huh?

Grace and peace,

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Amazing how life can really turn to crap sometimes, but just as amazing how it eventually turns sunny again. I hope the sunny side comes back around for you soon.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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That's right sister, get to throwing! All the best to you and like Mason said, I too hope the sunny side comes around, even over-easy might do in a pinch.


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You know we care a bunch about you, things will get better, my crafts , knitting and crochet always keep me centered when my world is upside down. No matter what I am always knitting or crocheting to entice my body to be centered lol! Welcome back we have missed you everywhere you went before lol!

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Hard to think live will be rosy someday when you are where you are, but I know it will. I hope all these positive feelings we have for you help.