Here's my Henry far anyway

Moving right along! I only have 20 rows left until I start the neck steeks. Thought I'd share the project.


Marshall's picture

I can't imagine knitting something so fantastic ... you have amazing skill!

Kerry's picture

Looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Henry.

David Reidy of Sticks & String podcast won a prize at Sydney's Easter Show (something like a State Fair I suppose) for his Henry V111. He is also on Ravelry.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog MJ you are doing such a fabulous job, it looks beautiful!

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Ok, I am nearly speechless (nearly because obviously I am coherent enough to write this...) That is beautiful!

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A wonderful tapestry look. Congratulations. Keep knitting.

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That is truly a beautiful sweater.

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A piece of art, truly beautiful. It's work like this that inspires me to improve my knitting.


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Wow,wow, wow!! Simply amazing.

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Absolutely fabulous pattern!

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Absolutely stunning work. Now for the question no one else is tacky enough to ask. Can we see the back?! Since the front is so perfect, I'm sure the back perfect also.

Great job!

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That is a wonderful piece of stranded knitting. My congratulations and admiration on a fantastic job!

Knit like the wind!

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