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No, I'm not auditioning for Peter Pan. I'm wondering who has the latest skinny on flying with knitting needles? Does it vary from airline to airline and place to place? I'm flying Austrian Airlines to Iraq. Good lord, I can't imagine terrorizing anyone with knitting needles . . . unless it was a crocheter! JK . . . I love the hookers, so don't take offense if you are one. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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I just flew to Denver and back a couple of weeks ago. I took a sock project with me on the plane to work on. I took the precaution of using bamboo needles. Not a problem at all as in my carry on. (I did take out the scissors and all the metal stuff from my project bag.) They did, however, flag me for a bag search for a tube of toothpaste... Has to be one of those small travel sized ones. Who knew?

Fly and knit with confidence. One of the flight attendants showed me a pair his partner had knit...

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I flew to Barcelona with a scarf project on metal needles and all was fine. The TSA website lists knitting needles as acceptable.
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I fly all the time with either my current knitting or crochet project, never had a problem. I usually use circular knitting needles and no one has ever questioned them. I also started taking a nail clipper along to use instead of scissors, for cutting yarn. They work well and there is no problem with security.

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Here's the official skinny knitting from the FAA website: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/assistant/editorial_1252.shtm

Jonathan in DC

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For the most part they don't have a problem with knitting needles, but in the end the TSA does say that it's ultimately up to the security screener. Unless you just get unlucky and get some twit on a power trip, you should be fine.

Take cheap needles just in case.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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I just traveled to Mexico City and had no problem. Per the recommendations of the guys on MWK I took plastic circular needles and no metal or scizzors. At the airport in Mexico they checked my bag but when they saw the needles were plastic they let me through.

I also printed the page from the TSA link above just in case someone questioned me. In the end it is up to the TSA agent.

Good Luck

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I refuse to fly without knitting... The anxiety attack I face would be far more damaging that the pastel coloured plastic circular needles.

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I'm with you - except for me it's the shear boredom of waiting and sitting, sitting and waiting. I've got to have something to do or I'll explode like a suicide bomber.


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Definitely not allowed on planes in Australia. We have our Bush-fawning ex prime minister to thank for that.

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I flew down to Atlanta from KC a couple of years ago (give or take), and didn't hear a peep about them. They didn't ask me about them. They didn't ask to look in my bag. They didn't stop me at the gate. They didn't even blink when I pulled them out and started clacking away on both planes. I was actually pretty surprised.

I know people have already provided links and whatnot, but here is a handy PDF chart created by the TSA of what is and is not allowed. (as previously mentioned, knitting needles are on the "allowed" list)


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I flew yesterday from Kansas to California. Brought bamboo and metal cabled knitting needles in my carry on. No problems whatsoever!