Angel Lace Shawl

This is the “Angel Lace Shawl” pattern from Fiber Trends. It’s written by Evelyn A. Clark. I’ve since seen a couple other shawl patterns by her and I think I might soon be doing another! This pattern was really quite easy and fun to knit. But not so much that it became mindless or boring. In fact, I got so engrossed in it that I finished it in just under two weeks. It’s all I’ve been working on since I got the pattern and the yarn. I finished knitting it at about 3AM on Sunday morning (insomnia) and laid it out to block at about 8:30 AM.

The yarn is Great Adirondack Yarn Company’s “Lolita” (8oz/560 yards – 65% merino superwash/35% bamboo) in a colorway called “Aspen” and I used size 4 Addi Lace needles (I just LOVE these!). The photos don’t do the colors much justice. There’s subtle green, blue, and purple in the yarn that just don’t seems to photograph well. This shawl used approximately half of the 8oz skein which I thought odd because the pattern is supposed to require 550 yards of lace/fingering weight yarn. I could easily have added a couple more repeats of the lace pattern before beginning the edging and made the shawl larger. But as it is it measures about 60” across and 29” to 30” down the center after blocking. I plan on giving this to my step-mother who’s a delicate little wisp of a woman so anything bigger might’ve been totally overpowering for her to wear.

I loved working with this yarn too. It’s just beautiful. Beautiful to look at as well as beautiful to feel as it slides through your fingers. I’m sorry I’m unable to get the colors to show well. As I was working on this project I did notice my fingers getting quite stained by the dye in the yarn in the spots where my skin is in regular contact with it. I don’t know if anyone else has used this yarn and had this happen or if it might have been just me. Still though, it’s no big deal and it certainly won’t prevent me from using up the rest of the skein. Nor will it prevent me from getting more of this yarn (in this or any other colorway).




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WoW!! This is some beautiful shawl. A work of art. Congratulations.

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Lovely. Is the collar something added? Or did you just fold over the edge of the shawl to get the collar effect?

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It's just folded and/or rolled a bit at the neck. Not on purpose though.

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The shawl looks great. I'm a bit jealous reading about how the yarn feels good sliding through your fingers. I'm currently working with some hemp yarn on a little grocery bag. Obviously it's very strong and it needs to be if this bag is going to be carrying some weight, but it just doesn't feel good in my hands. So I'm glad you're having the opposite experience. Beautiful work!!


It is just fabulous and perfect for a 'delicate little wisp of a woman'. Well done.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Looks fantastic, I imagine it feels very silky to the touch! Great Job!

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Gorgeous Shaw. I'm sure your step mom will be very proud of it.



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It is really a beautiful shawl. I have not tried lace yet but your shawl makes me want to. Beatufully done.

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Your work looks fabulous!

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I like the flow of the stitch columns. Very beautiful.

Absolutely stunning!

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What a beautiful shawl, you've done a great job. Merino/bamboo sounds like a lovley combination.

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Beautiful! I especially like the way it hangs.


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Great work. I think you should borrow if come October and wear it at NYSWF in Rhinebeck. That way I will see it in person. Beautiful definition.