Hats #2 & #3

These are my second and third attempts at making hats (which acutally had an end result) and my first times using circular and DPN's.  Hat #2 was done with Cascade worsted Peruvian Highland wool on size 7, and the pattern was Bidda's Headhugger which I believe I found a link to on here somewhere.  It doesn't look like much, but it was good practice with the circular and DPN's, and getting the hang of the decreases at the top of the hat.  My first attempt at doing this ended badly so I unravelled the whole thing and tried a different pattern.

Hat #2

Hat #3 was done with Reynolds Lopi bulky Icelandic Wool on size 10.5, and the pattern was given to me by the woman in the yarn shop where I bought the yarn.  Hat #3 is my treat to myself and I just might go back to that shop and get more and see if I can do mittens to match.

Hat #1 which isn't pictured, was also done with the same Cascade wool as hat #2.  The pattern came from the "First Steps In Knitting" booklet that I bought at the craft store when I first learned to knit.  It was done on size 13 straight needles with two strands of yarn.  The hat came out beautifully, but the bulky stitch pattern just didn't look right on me, so I gave it to a friend and she absolutely loves it.  I should do up another just so I can take a picture of it. 


Oooooooooooooo!  AMBush, I really like your hat # 2 -- the blue, thinish, simple one.  Maybe that's finally a hat I can wear without looking more like myself than I care to look.  Is the pattern available or sendable?  If not, I can wing it.  It's a lovely simple stich pattern without a lot of BS.  The hats I make always wind up looking more like an Abusson tapestry than a hat.  Thanks for the pics, particularly your wedding photo.  You guys are charming.  Cute, too.  Jerry

Jerry in Sacramento CA

Anybody for a MenWhoKnit "club" here?

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Thanks for the compliments!  I was inspired by the picture of drmel94 and his partner, so I decided to put one of us up.  That wedding photo was from the 2004 "New Paltz Uprising" as I fondly refer to it.  Someday it will happen again, and be legal.  But anyway...

The hat is actually grey.  I think the flash might have distorted the color a bit.  Could be my crappy-old-barely-a-megapixel digital camera too.  Someday I will have a nicer one.  Someday.

Anyway, here's a more direct link to that specific pattern:


So, this is hat #3 after blocking and light felting last night.  I'm even more pleased with how this came out, and I have decided that I must get more of this wool and do some more of these hats!

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These are nice looking hats!  The lightly-felted #3 really came out well!

I just finished my own hat #1.  Despite matching the gauge in the pattern, it came out a bit large (and I've already got a big head!).  I asked at my yarn shop yesterday and was told, yeah, hats often come out too big.  Was this an issue for you at all?     

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It was with #3.  I wore it yesterday and couldn't help but think, "something else needs to be done here" which was why I decided last night that I was going to throw it in a pillowcase and run it through the hot wash cycle.  I was a bit worried when it came out because I couldn't find anything to put it on to shape it and let it dry.  I ended up putting two smaller size stainless steel bowls rim to rim and pulling the hat down over the top of them.  It worked perfectly!

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Great job with the hats.  I have made plenty over the years as they make quick, fun and enjoyable gifts.  The first ones were to small as I had to master the decreases.  Once I got them under way, it all fell into place.  Sometimes I follow patterns other times I use up scraps of stash and make something up; play with fairisle technique and structure.  One of my favorite quickies is to play off the Jane Ellison pattern in one of her NORO pamphlets and use the 1 skein of Iro to make a warm winter covering for my head.  I do it with circulars and alter the decreases accordingly.  Keep doing them as they look great.  I like them all but I will say my favorite is number 3.