Am I suppose to be working?

Afternoon---the time when my mind starts to wonder away from work toward tonight's activities.....Should probably wash my car on the way home, BUT I have two birthdays coming up which translates into needing to knit two pairs of socks. Let's see, one sock 3/4 done means about 20% done...Drat.

I'll work out first tonight though---to limber up my muscles.

For the past year, I have been knitting socks for friends for their birthdays. At first, it seemed easier, but now that I've dropped down to size 2 needles and 4 ply (from size 3 and 6 ply), it take about 7-8 days to make a sock---Is that average? Feels slow to me. Combined with May & June I have 5 friends/family members who I want to knit for...Oh, and don't forget the 50th Birthday Party----a group of friends are all celebrating their 50th birthdays together and I got it into my head to knit them Angora Scarf's: 2 down 2 to go....


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Wow! You are incredibly generous for all the knitting you do for all your friends. Of course I've done some knitting for gifts, but sounds like you are quite the standard - bearer. How do you assure you get the correct size for all these socks?


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That's what I'm doing this year - socks for everyone. I can do a pair in 10 days if nothing interferes. I've been using size ones but my next pair will be on 0s. My biggest problem is that I want to keep them once they're done. :-)