Green V-neck vest

I finished it and it turned out ok, given the fact that half way through knitting half of the back, i realised i was knitting a smaller size.
so the front is a bigger size and it turned out ok.

It was the first time knitting something from a pattern. I used to doing simple scarves so it was a learning experience and had a HELL of a lot of help with translating the pattern.

I did have a lot of problems with using circular needles. I dont know if it was just my needles, but i spend most of my time pulling each stitch onto the actual needle bit one by one. Even when i knitted really loosely it was still a battle. I dont think im going to try using them again.
so i ended up knitting the neckband with normal needles in three parts.
It all turned out well considering.

The photo makes it look like a bit of a mangey thing.


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Where's the pic????

What kind of circs were you using? Some of them, such as the Boyes, have such a stiff cable with so much memory, that they can be frustrating to use as you spend all your time fighting with them.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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i just realised that the pic didnt load...

the circular needles had a little gap between the needle bit and the cord which is why it was so frustratingly hard to work with. i assumed, since they were the first circular needles ive worked with, that it was something *I* did wrong.

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Congratulations on your first piece from a pattern. Nice job! Love the color too.