FOOD-Karenina Poncho

This was a simple project. Quick, painless, and it ended up being a LOT bigger than I expected with a little blocking. Too bad I'll probably NEVER use the Rowan Recycled Chunky again, as it is discontinued--its very cooperative while blocking. Anyway, the name is inspired by the cousin (Karen) and her mom-in-law (Nina Mac) who inspired the design. Modeled by mom, but going in Karen's store.

EDIT: MWK won't let me attach the photo. Here's the link below:


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Looks great! How many yards and what size needle, oh knitting ninja??

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I don't know how many yards, unfortunately. I'd guess about 4-500meters on size 15s

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Ohhhh...I was thinking it was some Anna Karenina reference. LOL

It's beautiful.

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