Yarn Weight Change

OK boys, here's the question. I am thinking of knitting Jared Flood's 'Cobblestone Sweater'. The patterns is for Aran weight yarn (18 stitches for 4 inches). However I have some nice dk weight yarn that I would like to use. Now, I know it is doable, but how big a fiddle would it be to change the pattern for the lighter yarn? Anything special I need to keep in mind to do it? Do I need a Degree in mathematics to figure it all out? Or has someone already done it for me somewhere? I know this is not an impossible problem, however, I really dont want to screw this up. Suggestions?


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Well, I've seen pics and it is a great sweater, I have not seen the pattern thou. IF there are schematics it is easy peasy! Skip to paragraph #3.

If there are none, you will need to dig into the pattern and figure somethings out for yourself e.g. circ of body, length of body and sleeves, circ. of wrist etc. and create your own schematic. Of course these measurements are not spelled out in the pattern but say for instance the sleeve says, "cast on 24 sts and work garter st for 15 ridges....." you would need to take the given gauge and divide it into 24 sts (3 sts = 1"...24/3=8" around for wrist). Once you have all these measurements you then need to do YOUR gauge swatch and figure out sts/in and rows/in.

Then just start playing the math game...finished chest 44" your gauge 5sts/in...cast on (44/2)x5=110 sts. To calculate the decrease for the yoke you will need to keep them proportional...the inc or dec for the sleeves well they are a little harder but there are many methods to do the calculations including the magic formula...http://www.getknitting.com/ak_0601magicformula.aspx or a software program like Knitting Math Wizard (which I can't live without).

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I just finished knitting the Cobblestone sweater. Even though I would make a few changes because of the amount of the ease in the sweater - a bit more than usual, I am quite pleased with the end result. A friend took photos and so, when I get them I will post it on the site. I used garnstudio angora tweed - 30% angora, 70% merino- which looks similar to yarn used by brooklyn tweed. A sport weight, I used size 6 needles and got 5 st to 1 inch.

I think if you fudge around with the math, you will be fine. I liked doing the short rows on the neck - it does give it a nice fit. Regarding the ease, I would have knit it an inch shorter and probably taken off an inch on each side and it still would have been roomy. Also on the neck at the end, after I followed his directions, I wanted the neck to be a bit more and not show so much of my tshirt, so I took the bind off out and knit 8 more rows. It looks much better on me.

It is worth knitting. Good luck and have fun. And definitely choose yarn you want to work with.