Baby Niebling

Okay, after the disastrous shoe episode, my Frosted Ferns Niebling is back in progress. Today I nursed it thru the 'magic loop' phase and it graduated onto three #0 dpns where it is now gonna rest until tomorrow. Personally, I'm never breathing easy until I get these tiny lacy suckers back on circs. Too many needles to fumble with, too many stitches that gleefully head for the ends of the dpns so they can jump off, and since my dpns are KP nickels, white thread against shiny, bright needles?...My aging eyes rebel.

So hopefully by the end of tomorrow the baby Niebling will be back on my tiny circs...where I will guard it diligently against errant shoes!!!

TomH's picture

Look forward to seeing photos of your Niebling. It will be a while before I can start mine. Three other shawl