Lace Fan Pattern

hi guys i found this patterns in new Piece Work Magazine it's a Lace fan pattern which i have been searching forever. it took me 3 and half days to make it and put it together....... i use size 0 needles .... i don't know what weight of yarn i use hope u guys enjoy
lace fan
lace fan
lace fan
lace fan


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sorry guys some how i can't post a pic today i don't know why

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can you host it on your blog or something so we can see it? try photobucket, and use the html codes to paste it here OR onto your myspace blog and then link to it on here ;)

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PaganCub, let's give it a try. If this works I got your back, Jed.

Fan Pic 1
Fan Pic 2
Fan Pic 3
Fan Pic 4

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That is really beautiful. Excellent job!



Pulled from my server - Jedwards got it covered for himself.

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thank u so much Gil and PaganClub i just join the site of Photobucket