HELP! EZ Baby Surprise Jacket

I am just beginning the Baby Surprise Jacket and have a dumb question. I am at the 5th ridge and need to increase for sleeve. Is it 9 stitches total divided between 2 sides 5/4 or is it 9 stitches each side? I can't tell from instructions in Opinionated Knitter book. I am sure half of you guys have done at least three of these by now....
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It is 9 stitches each side. On that row i usually (k3 M1) 9 times, K2, SK2P, k 76, Sk2P, K2, (M1 K3) 9 times. I believe you should have 154 stitches now.

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I don't know about how it's written in the Opinionated Knitter book, but ronhuber is correct. The standalone pattern (from Schoolhouse press) says:
At 5 ridges, inc 9 stitches (K3, M1) across end sections.

(sectionS... both of them) :-)

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog It is 9 stitches on each end side, none in the middle. Make 9 stitches on the beginning of the row, knit the middle stitches, then make 9 more at the other end.

Thanks guys for your help. I knew I could count on speedy answers! This is one of those things that makes this site so great.