my dog hates me knitting

I have a border Collie that is CONSTANTLY desperate for affection and gets very annoyed if i knit for more than a few hours, because he's usually sitting/laying all over me when im stationary. So the knitting takes his place and he's not happy about it.

If im onto a project that i NEED to finish [which is every time. i start something, i refuse to finish until ive finished it] and it takes about a week, He starts getting me back for not giving ALL of my attention to him.

A few months ago i had total project obsession and so to pay me back for it, he pissed on the bag of wool! he luckily didnt manage to piss IN the bag, but just all over it.
I got the message.

Lately he's now pissing where i sit to knit, because he realised he went a bit too far with the 'almost pissing on the wool'.

He also hates me counting stitches. he will bark and howl like he's in pain EVERY time.
Sure im a bit number dyslexic [and OCD] and i have to do it over a few times to be satisfied, but honestly i dont think it deserves a noise like he's being tortured!
Some times i think he's doing the noise to distract me [since he cant yell out random numbers].

Cheeky thing.


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My old dog, Cletus, used to steal scotch or Guiness right out of the glass. Cletus was a very mellow pooch. While I am not one to so blatantly promote canine substance abuse...

I'm just saying... this IS knitting we are talking about.

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He's a border collie; Ie, practically a human with four legs... bargain with him.
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You have a dog...some of us have lovers who behave the same way when we knit for too long!!! LOL

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Goodness, I really, REALLY, hope that you were joking.

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I have a dog and a lover like that.


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Teach him to knit so he has his own project to work on. :D


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Hey, your story is just TOO funny. Thanks for sharing it. Maybe your dog wants you to knit him a doggie shirt or

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good idea. he used to love his dog jumper [even when it was WAY too small].

How old is the dog? Maybe he'll out grow it.

What if you offered a special treat every time you sat down to knit? Maybe like a rawhide chew something-or-other that would keep him occupied while you knit. If you find the right treat, you could get him thinking, "Oh yum. He's going to knit which means I'm going to snack!"

Does he need another companion? Several years ago when I was single and childless, I got my dog a kitten so she wouldn't be alone so much. They were lifelong best friends.

Maybe a tour of the pound would be in order, with a little explanation of what happens to dogs that pee on things they shouldn't.

The vet might have other suggestions.

Good luck.


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he's not that bad.
and he's much an 'only child'. we used to have a girlfriend for him and she made him miserable. he just sulks if theres something else [other pet what ever] getting what he believes is HIS attention.
the only treats he's interested in is cuddles. he's never been a fan of doggie treat chew things.

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I have a BF and four dogs. My kids don't mind the knitting too much. Only one of our dogs is a cuddler. Standard Poodles aren't lap dogs. Usually, you get about 5-10 minutes of cuddle time and then they are off. Toni is a bit different. She loves to lay on top of me while I knit. It can get a little warm with poodle and wool on your lap.
My girls rarely take revenge. They usually ignore me for a few days when I have displeased them.
As for your puppy, my sister was in the same boat and put her girl on anti anxiety meds. Worked like a charm.


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