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Thanks for the definition of a gusset. Here is the pattern that I want to use http://tuulia.blogspot.com/2006/02/lapasohje-mitten-pattern.html. I'm so confused. The directions for the gusset are totally freaking me out....help?



Thumb gussets are not difficult. Here's an example from

Thumb gusset:
Round 1: Knit 3, PM (place marker), M1 (make one), K3, M1, PM. Knit around
Round 2: Knit even
Repeat these two rounds, working increases just after and just before the markers, until there are 11 sts between markers.

I love to knit mittens because they're quick and get a lot of use from my guys. Miraculously, my sons don't loose theirs often.

Other sources for patterns:

Med pinner blog


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