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in search of a good yarn.  priced right.  What is everyone else using.?


What project did you have in mind? Like acrylic yarns or wool? Prefer natural fibers, such as alpaca or cashmere or angora? Lots to spend on yarn or want to stay low-cost? Want a heavy sweater? A pair of socks? A scarf or shawl.

All of these variables affect the yarn. Need more information. My favorites are Regia Sock Wool, Brown Sheep Wildefoote Sock Yarn, and Patton Kroy Sock Yarn.

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currently i own the bond usm.  my artisan 70d is on its way.  I make dog sweaters and scarves.  would like to make other projects.  can you do sock on machine?  I am using red heart super saver for my projects.  would like to work with wool.  wanting to do production knitting.  dogs first then baby clothes and such.  With summer comming to the carolinas, I dont think sweaters and scarves will be good sellers.  anyone have any ideas for a project that would make money?

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Working with the Artisan (and I don't like the every other needle technique), I've found that three ply worsted, mohair and anything sportweight works good. Most of the baby yarns do good. Though with any of the Lion Brand home spun stuff (loose twist boucle), you'll pretty much end up with bullet proof fabrics. I've been doing lots of scarves with the ribbon or ladder yarns, and believe it or not, fun fur works really well, but you'll need to pull the fur back out with a good stiff brush once you're done. I hear you can do the socks on the machine, but I haven't done that yet. I think you'll be disappointed with the Red Heart Super Saver on the Artisan...again, bullet proof. (You'll know what I mean when you get this the first time.)

Check out www.knitpicks.com  Great yarn at unbeatable prices.  I've used their Essential sock yarn ($2.99 for 50 grams) and Wool of the Andes (100% Peruvian worsted weight for $1.79/50 grams.)  I can only vouch for what I've tried, and so far am very pleased with their yarn.  I checked them out online before we ordered and they get very good reviews.  Definately worth your time to visit their site.

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