Vacation - a time for reflection, the beach and knitting, of course.

The past few days here in Patara, Turkey have been like heaven. The days have been warm and sunny and the evenings have been cool. I'm staying at a small pension that I found last summer. The owner's wife, Nebahat, is a great cook, so I've been having all of my meals here. While knitting, weaving (I brought along my little hand loom) and while on the beach I've been thinking about organizing a 'fiber' retreat here. This pension has 12 rooms and a great common veranda. Knitting, crocheting, weaving in the mornings. Beach or sightseeing in the afternoons.

Think about it. If you are interested or have ideas and questions, please respond. I' thinking about as early as this September or next May...


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That sounds fantastic. Having just organized a men's knitting retreat here in the states, I can't imagine taking on a Turkish fiber event...hmmm...a week at the Patara beach with other guys knitting...minimally I'd want to see pictures.

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Thanks!! If this comes to anything I'll be asking you questions about your experience.