Hello everyone!!! I am making my way back into the Blogsphere.

After my wonderful vacation followed by another long holiday weekend, I'm now back to WORK (the real world). It just doesn't feel right. It's like I'm slowly awakening from surreality but immediately thrown back into the chaos without time to transition at all!

But we're not here to talk about "WORK" are we? We're here to talk about "Works In Progress" (WIP's), "Finished Objects (FO's)" and the sort.

But today, I want to talk about a new disease class that the CDC seem to have missed. It's called Startitis, and I think I've caught it. Nancy's Cashmere, MSKR and Ann from She Ewe Knits are some factors that contribute to the spreading of this disease.

It manifests itself first as restlessness, then irritability and then all of the sudden, money disappears from your wallet! Then you develop symptoms like obsessive swatching. This however, doesn't affect all people. :)

I have the swatch symptom and I bring them to the table for discussion. Here I present to you, the decision of yarn for Faina Letoutchaia's Forest Path Stole - Karabella Cashmere Superfine or Karabella Lace Mohair?

And what needle size?

And I present to you another, a fairly decent sample of Fair Isle of Henry VIII for your examination.

What do you all think?


MMario's picture

I like the superfine on the USD 5's; of the swatches you show.

I suspect I would like the mohair on US 6's or 8's....but I like mosse moose lace.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

I agree with MMario on the superfine, and I think your colourwork sample is terrific.

QueerJoe's picture

I can only hope I was one of the people that infected you.

Regarding the lace, I don't think you can go wrong. The first one is more crisp and shows better definition, but the second one has an almost ethereal glow that it quite appealing.

Personally, I'd focus my attention on the Fair Isle. The colors are perfect and the stitch pattern shows them off quite nicely.

Kerry's picture

Your 'Henry' looks beautiful, and I love the top lace.

Crafty Andy's picture

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog They all look good. I like the first Lace Pattern as it is more defined, but the second one has a very mystical tone to it!

Welcome Back!

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Hey....I've wondered about your Henry VIII...you can view mine on here, too. I've finished the body and 3/5 of one sleeve. I needed to take a quick break from it, however.
[img_assist|nid=5604|title=Henry. JPG|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=200|height=150]MichaelJames