Here's my latest project. The pattern is from knitty.com:


I made some small changes to the design for TAM A and in the process learned about centered double decreases and corrugated ribbing. It knits up pretty easily and then you give it the tam shape by washing it and then drying it stretched over a dinner plate.



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John: I think it is "drop dead" gorgeous. I am rainbow-hued with envy.

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Great looking tam, love the colours.

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That is so great!! To dry it stretched over a dinner plate - that's genius!! I love the idea. Thanks for sharing. The colors are beautiful too... congrats.


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Beautiful work! I like yours better than the ones shown in the pattern.

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That is just beautiful! I love the colors.



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Thanks Guys. It was lots of fun to make. With all those beautiful Cascade 220 colors to choose from I'll probably be making another one before long...

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Seeing that i want to do a scarf like that. its beautiful! [and i agree with another commenter - your colours are much better]
The plate idea was genius.
if a tam didnt look so stupid on me i'd attempt one myself!

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For those interested, here are the Cascade 220 colors I used: the main Color is Fennel (#2417); Contrasting Colors are Burgundy (#2401), Regal (#7807), Atlantic (#2404), Teal (#8422) and Mossy Rock (#9429). I also used Purple (#7811) -- which has more blue in it than Regal does - but that part of the design doesn't show in the photo. Angela's pattern and designs are very inspiring... and she gets credit for the idea of using a plate. Brilliant!