Socks soar on two circuolar needles

I went to a local yarn and knitting supply shop and found this book.  It is called Socks soar on two circular needles..   by  Cat Bordi'

I bought the book,  the needles are a problem.  they were sold out of the size 1 , 2, 3   24"  Addi turbo needles i was wanting.  Can order them on internet, so not that big a deal.   I bought some sock yarn.  cant wait to do my first pair of socks....I allso believe in the sharing of information.  Any of you that knit socks would be interested in the book.  I could scan and make a file  to send to you, or copy on copy machine and mail it to you.  I feel we need to help eachother grow in this fasinating hobby.


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Okay, who wants to tackle the subject of copyright infringement?

Not me! If you get the name for infringing copyrights, you may be banned from participating in any joint projects. Not too mention some groups will try to repo your knitting needles.

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I really dont think that if you gave a group of people a pattern it would hurt anyone.  If i was selling it or puttin it on the internet i would expect a lawsuit.

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I didnt mean any infringment.  some books are not availiable in other countries or some people cant afford some books.  just trying to be helpfull.  didnt mean to ruffel your feathers.

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Yeah, but if I know there's copyrighted material being posted to the site wtthout permission, I have to delete that. here's how the scenario would pan out:

You post material generally only available by buying a book.
The knitting forums across the Internet light up.
I receive cease and desist letters and experience grief.

As we have several members here working on books, I think it's the wrong message to send. I've been daydreaming of a MWN publishing arm since the site began. Enabling people to misuse the exact type of content I'd like to help publish is just bad voodoo.

I believe very deeply in sharing information and helping each other. Designers have every ability to publish their patterns with all sorts of customized terms of use. If the designer chooses not to, however, we should respect that decision.

In otherwords, please don't use the site for the transfer of information known to be non-transferable.

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Sorry darrell,  I stand corrected.  A book wood be a great idea.  I hope it works out.  keep us posted.

Hey Bear.  Welcome to the group.  I have used the basic pattern in the book and got  great results.  I really enjoyed the two circular needle process.  I want to find out more about this "Magic Loop" technique though.  Good luck with your socks.



The Magic Loop pamphlet gives a great description of this useful method and seems to be available just about everywhere I buy yarn (USA). Here is a quick description of the method with pictures: That should get you started. Here's a video that shows the process:

Magic Loop is easy, Luke, and works out for a great many projects. In fact, it is so simple that my reaction was to slap my forehead and say, "Why didn't I think of that years ago?"

Will warn you -- many lesser circular needles aren't up to the magic loop. You may find yourself investing in Skacel Addi-Turbo needles. And they aren't cheap. In fact, I gave away all my old circulars and work all my projects on Addi-Turbos now.

Have fun, 

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I'm with you, Randal - Addi Turbos forever!

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly