Anyone want a lace scarf pattern?

I purchased a pattern that I am not going to make. It's Fiber Trends "Estonian Medallion Lace Scarf" pattern number AC-86.

It looks like a great lace project, and I read through it before I purchased it and nothing there looked like it was beyond my capability even though there was some new stuff that I hadn't done. But when I finally got to row three of the lace pattern and worked the "cluster stitch" I kinda knew right then and there that I was NOT going to do that the number of times required to produce the scarf and feel any love for the finished object knowing what the cost to my sanity would be. To be sure of that, I continued with the pattern to the next row where the cluster stitch was worked and it was confirmed.

To give you fair warning of what the cluster stitch is, you knit seven stitches together and leave them on the left needle. Then you YO and knit the seven stitches together again, and again. It turns seven stitches into five. This is what drove me batshit.

So, I'm hoping someone might find some joy in working this pattern. I know I will not so I'm willing to part with it. If you're interested please send me a PM with your email address and mailing info and I will hold a drawing on Sunday, June 8th and promptly mail the pattern to you on Monday, June 9th.

As an aside, I continue to be impressed with the Fiber Trends patterns and how well written and easy to follow they are, including clear and explicit instructions on the stitches and abbreviations. The lace patterns include thorough and easy to follow line by line instructions as well as charts so you can follow whichever you prefer. I myself prefer the written line by line instructions. Becuase of that, the Fiber Trends patterns are the ones I look to first when looking for a new project to do.


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Thanks for the explanation.............I know I don't need to send you my mailing info at this time!

Knit on.............Rex

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I dont' make it sound all that attractive do I? It's not, to me. But I'm sure it is perfectly okay for someone else and they will enjoy doing it. I look at it like changing the oil in my car. I know how it's done and I'm quite capable of doing it. But the effort it requires on my part produces no sense of joy or pride in accomplishment. Just resentment for having put forth the effort. I look at seaming pieces together the same way and tend to avoid projects that involve that kind of work.

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the picture looks like there must be several other ways of getting virtually the same result without doing athe cluster-f* stitch.

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I know exactly what you mean. There are certain knitting stitches that I absolutely dread. I did a square for the Great American Aran Afghan that involved multiple (MULTIPLE!!) bobbles. I despise making bobbles. It was all I could do to get through that square. A section would show up that involved three consecutive bobbles and I would put the project down for DAYS before I could convince myself to do it.

And looking at your scarf pattern, I also agree. While nice-looking, it just is not interesting enough that I would want to do that cluster-stitch over and over.

Good luck getting rid of it!


he he... was it knit on the bias? B/c I think I did that same one...

and yes, the bobbles which, at first were kind of fun, turned into quite a chore!

BTW... if no one else wants the pattern, I will gladly take it! I have some malabrigo lace I don't know what to do with!

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This peaked my interest so I had to go look at the pattern. Just a small bit o' trivia for those who care. This pattern is by Eugen (Gene) Beugler, who is a wonderful gentleman that lives in the Portland, OR area that has been knitting/designing lace for longer than most of us on this board has been alive. I had heard of him several times in my knitting life and finally had the chance to meet him at Stitches West in Oakland several years ago. He was with the Lace Knitting Guild booth was working on an incredible piece of lace on reeeeeaaaaalllllllllllly long circs. They were custom made by him and IIRC were about 100"+ and were in the 0 range. Glad to see that he is still designing as I had not heard his name for a while. A couple of his other works that I can think of off the top of my head is a square in one of the XRX "Great XXX Afghan" thinks American? And he had a lace piece in Meg Swanson's "Gathering of Lace". I'm now asking myself why am I posting this? And I don't have a really good answer other than he's a guy who knits and so are we! Wondering if he knows we are out here? (EDIT) After posting this I did a quick google and found these amazing pieces he's knit I would kill for that Niebling pattern!