Knitter's Elbow

It's finally happened.

This weekend.

...deter me? !@#$ no!!!

...but not asking medical advise, just asking what kind of remedies are used by those of you who have suffered this...or are currently feeling the pain...

I may have to slow down here or there, but I refuse to put down my knitting for ANYTHING.



Better living through Chemistry! Around our house we use Ibuprofen like it was a food group. We call it Vitamin I.


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Exactly. Aleve works good for me. I also get tendonitis in my fingers.


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Just went to the doctor for a routine visit and complained about my left elbow hurting. She diagnosed "tennis" elbow and promptly told me to "lay off the knitting for a while!" (she's also a knitter and knows I somtimes knit pretty intensively). She gave me an elbow strap to wear, but didn't recommend any pain meds. My knitting group meets tomorrow evening, so I may take along crochet project. Of course, I have recently power-knit a shawl for a charity auction, hurried to finish a baby blanket (the baby arrived first -- darn!), and spent two glorious days of non-stop knitting at the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat. Regrets? No way!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I alternate from knitting to crochet for the same reason. I don't use medication unless itis imperative I do. Pain is an indicaiton of to much fun!!!

I hope you feel better. I found a website with some advice that might prevent this from happening again. -- Dan

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Using a cold pack for 10 minutes can also help.

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I knit myself into a serious elbow mess a good many years ago. I really did need to slow down and give it some time to heal, but an elbow strap made all the difference. That, some serious drugs and a discipline of limiting yourself to a pre-set number of minutes should help to control the inflamation and allow your elbow to heal. For breaks from knitting I used a timer so that I actually could enjoy the knitting and allow an exteral voice announce that time was up - less cheating that way.
My guess it that you can really knit yourself into some serious trouble. I hated the idea of stopping completely so paid attention to the pain and what I was doing to mess with it.
Good luck!